The Best Candle

Our VP of Marketing had this Lafco New York candle burning in her office the other day, and the way the soft aromas permeated the room made my senses weak.  I had to have it.

The scent is light and clean, and has underwhelming tones of citrus and white tea.  By that, I mean that you shouldn’t get a headache after burning it for ten minutes, let alone two hours.  And trust me, I’m prone to headaches…  It has an eighty-five hour burn time and is a clean burning soy-based wax (unlike so many others out there).

I also loved the fresh and simple appearance.  Some candle companies try too hard with their presentation, but this one is discrete, simple, and chic.  The outer packaging is also something worth looking into- of course, I still haven’t thrown the box away.  This type of candle sells for $48, but I think it’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything.  They have tons of other scents that I can’t wait to check out once this one is all used up!


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