Nanette Lepore Sample Sale

I was not a fan of Nanette Lepore’s latest collection.  Not in the least, actually– except for this top that I’ve had my eye on.  This season, everything seemed to look extremely dated and cheap for the price tag, but of course I felt the need to scope out the sample sale for the above blouse.

Nanette Lepore’s sample sales are always fully stocked with inventory- both from last season, and current.

The worst thing about going to a sample sale, though, is showing up, only to see pieces that you already have in your closet (all of which you paid full price for).  RUDE. 

Never again will I pay full price for something… unless it is completely, 100% necessary.  OK, I know that’s not going to happen, but I would like to live by that rule.  I also left the sale very satisfied, as they not only had my desired tank in orange, but in black.  Which I purchased for 1/3 of the price in my size, in perfect condition.

And that is also why I love sample sales…


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