The Standard Biergarten

So as it turns out, the world didn’t end on Saturday evening.  Phew… What a relief!

A group of us ventured downtown to Meatpacking for Mike’s third round of Birthday celebrations, and once the countdown was over and the clock struck 6:00pm, all was well in the world.

We went to the much talked about Standard Biergarten, located underneath the beautiful High Line, and although we struggled getting in at first (the line was 45 minutes long and there was a one-in-one-out door policy), we were able to finagle our way in, all the while avoiding having to wait on line for longer than 60 seconds. 

Thank God for boyfriends and friends who can BS obnoxious doormen.

This was my first time to the biergarten, and although I was a little thrown off by the payment method at first (you may only pay for beer in tickets), the day was a success, despite getting caught in a torrential downpour on the way down.  At this point, we were thankful that the bar was actually covered.

The biggest success of all?  And I mean biggest… the giant pretzels that were twice the size of my head (see below).  Pure heaven for somebody who loves carbohydrates as much as I do.


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