Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend came and went quicker than you can even say it.  As always, three-day weekends are never long enough, especially when you need to jam as much as humanly possible into those three days.  Fortunately, I was able to fit in the following:

Picnicking in Central Park

As Mike left for London on Saturday evening, I decided to be a good girlfriend and stay in the city until he departed.  After months of stating that we should picnic in Central Park, we were finally able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and the empty city and do just that.

The city was surprisingly peaceful, as all of the hustle and bustle disappeared, and made their way to the Hamptons for the holiday weekend.   Fortunately, we were able to take full advantage, and buy lunch from a nearby market and sit on a queen-sized sheet on the park lawn and play Mancala.  You’d think that with Mike leaving for two weeks, I’d let him win… no chance.

Homemade dinner at Apt. 711

Lots of quality time with this QT

Several trips to my favorite frozen treat vendor, Ralph’s

Flavors purchased this weekend: Cotton Candy, Milky Way & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

My very first 2011 trip to the beach club.

Finding out that my favorite summer fruits are back in season

Other weekend highlights included: my dad’s specialty swordfish and homemade pizza, a comfy bed, central AC, a big clean house, playing tennis with my parents, and lots and lots of green.  Perfect recipe for a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.


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