Neverending Rain at Jones Beach

I have attended the following concerts at Jones Beach:

– Sugar Ray 

– Goo Goo Dolls 

– Britney Spears 

– Sting 

– Enrique Iglesias 

– Dave Matthews Band 

– Hall & Oates / Chris Isaak

The check marks indicate the concerts where it rained… so the only concert I have ever been to at Jones Beach where it didn’t rain, was Sting.   And to be honest, it very well could have rained then, too.  Nice odds, right?

Weather aside, Hall & Oates put on a pretty stand-out performance.  Mike & I prepared for the weather by bringing along a couple of ponchos my parents bought in Disney World for $3.99 a piece, and boy, did they come in handy.  I swear Mike brought the stereotypical London weather back to New York with him, as there was a continuous, annoying, ongoing mist throughout the entire day and night on Saturday.

After Chris Isaak‘s performance (which was amazing, by the way), we migrated to some dry seats underneath an overhang, and 30-40 people followed suit.

Top performances of the night included:

Man Eater (opening song)

Rich Girl (their 1st encore song)

You Make My Dreams

Kiss On My List (finale)

I was a little disappointed that they failed to play “Private Eyes“, but I was relatively pleased with the set list.

Our very own makeshift dinner/tailgate in the trunk of my Jeep…

Gino’s Pizza, Skinny Girl Margarita and Coke Classic.

Enjoying the music in the rain


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