Fourth of July Weekend

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  I’ve always been one of those cheesy people who get decked out in the good old patriotic red, white, and blue for America’s Birthday, and I can’t get enough of the abundance of American flags that pop up everywhere and anywhere you look (also, who can resist a three and a 1/2 day weekend in the summertime?)

Mike and I decided to venture out to Long Island to spend the long holiday weekend with my parents.

As always, I am treated like a princess from the moment I step off the Long Island Railroad, and I eat (and drink) like a big fat king for the remainder of my stay.

Mike & me pre-Birthday/July 4th weekend kick-off dinner


The most picturesque evening for a sunset dinner and cocktails


The best parents a girl could ask for


Pre-Fourth of July fireworks at the beach


Sunday night consisted of my absolute favorite meal:

caprese with roasted red peppers, my dad’s homemade pizza,

a glass of red wine (or two), and a Ralph’s Italian Ice


Delicious patriotic cookies from the local bakery that remind me of my childhood


Last, but not least, my first official BBQ of summer…

the perfect end to the perfect weekend


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