I survived…

Wednesday the 13th. 

5:15 am → wake up to my alarm vibrating in my ear

6:15 am → arrive at event space for press breakfast

8:30 am → press breakfast begins, and I try to sneak myself some O.J. and pork dumplings (don’t ask)

11:15 am → make a quick stop at the local Duane Reade, and buy every sort of cold remedy

in attempt to cure the common cold in 5 hours or less

11:30 am → come back to the office with 17,000 tasks to complete before EOD

5:45 pm → take a car all the way up to Harlem and get stuck in traffic for 45 minutes

6:30pm → arrive at Red Rooster for client dinner consisting of presidents and SVP’s…

I’m twiddling my thumbs at the restaurant bar until they’re ready to leave

12:00am → car home


longest… day… ever…


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