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August 31, 2011

meant to be:

Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult

is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.”

Ryan Gosling

Hi, I’m Meghan and I love candy… have we met? 

I think we should. 

Just saying!

August 29, 2011

Leather Sleeves

Last fall, I wrote a piece for Cheap Chicas on Burberry’s twist on the classic trench coat, featured in their Spring 2011 collection.  I’m still obsessing over those leather-sleeved trenches to this day, and I recently came across Rebecca Minkoff’s cropped take on the look, below.

This, without a doubt,  is being added to my “back to school”/fall shopping list.

August 28, 2011

As it turns out…

Hurricane Irene wasn’t half as bad as we all expected (in New York City, at least), and aside from the fact that she broke my favorite umbrella and drained my wallet from stocking up on emergency groceries, she also gave me the day off on Monday… which is a pret-ty nice treat, if you ask me.

Now here’s to hoping for no more rain for the next two months… oh, and an Indian Summer, please.


Storm beginning to roll into Long Beach, New York


Water creeping up along the East River in Manhattan


Bloomingdale’s around the corner from me, even prepped for the storm


Unfortunately, my friend’s family in Long Island wasn’t as lucky.

Came across this picture online and recognized the block immediately.

Fortunately, though, nobody was hurt!

August 26, 2011

Stone Street

Since Mike works downtown, we usually make frequent post-work stops at Stone Street, otherwise known as the best spot in the city for “suit meat“, according to some.  Well, the end of summer is steadily approaching (sadly, thanks to a little hurricane called Irene), and I only made my first, and most likely last, Stone Street appearance of the season on Wednesday night.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love going all the way downtown.  Between the water views, the juxtaposition between the old and the new New York, the narrow cobble stoned roads, and the minimal amount of stop lights, not to mention the abundance of men in suits (namely one), I’d love it if I could scoot down there more often.

Basically, Stone Street is a very narrow street in the Financial District, surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants, that is closed off and made into an authentic outdoor dining space in the warmer months.  Whenever I’m down there, I feel like I’ve been transported to a movie set from the 1940’s…  Love.

August 24, 2011

feels like Christmas morning…

August 23, 2011

Rough Day…

So I decided to treat myself to some cavities candy after work.

August 22, 2011

Fuchsia Feathered Footwear

I’ve never been a particularly big Stuart Weitzman fan, in fact, I’ve never owned a pair of his shoes, but I can’t help but think about purchasing a pair, knowing that all proceeds will go to a good cause…  The Young Hollywood Cares Collection will benefit Marsha Moses’ research in ovarian cancer.

I personally favor Olivia Palermo’s collaboration with the designer.




August 21, 2011

window shopping

1. Tibi dress,   2. Whistles cuff,   3. J. Crew bag,   4. ASOS earrings,   5. ASOS dress,   6. YSL heels,

7. Whistles belt   8. Whistles dress,   9. ZARA skirt   10. J. Crew top

August 20, 2011

Instructions for Properly Hugging a Baby

My mom forwarded me this email, and it was just too cute not to share…

1.  Find a baby.

2.  Second, be sure that the object you found  was indeed a baby

by employing classic sniffing techniques.

3.  Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process.

4.  The ‘paw slide’.   Simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close-up.

5.  Finally, if a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented ‘hug,smile,

and lean’ so as to achieve the best photo quality.

August 19, 2011

yes, please…