18th Annual Watermill Summer Benefit

This past weekend was the 18th Annual Watermill Summer Benefit in Watermill, New York, and stress and work aside, this party was one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and hands down the coolest party I have ever been to (then again, I don’t go to very “cool” parties all that often).  It was truly an unforgettable feeling, walking along the tiki torch-lined paths, the sun setting, all the while smelling the fresh aroma of the outdoors and pine.

I learned a few life lessons on Saturday night:

1.  Never wear my YSL tributes to any outdoor event. Ever.  Little did I know that I would be rock climbing and trekking through the woods, gravel, dirt, grass, and pine needles all night long.  Lesson learned.

2.  Always come prepared.  Keep a nice (comfortable) pair of flats in my bag for every event I work and/or attend.

3.  Always have seat fillers on standby.  No matter what… Although my boyfriend was a pretty stand-out seat filler for the evening, coming straight off the beach, un-showered and deodorant-less.  Hey, they wanted fearless.

My evening consisted of the following:

standing outside waiting for guests to arrive for 2+ hours, destroying my favorite pair of shoes, running around like a crazy person, sweating profusely, dining with the top people at my company, watching steamrollers, men buried alive singing Frank Sinatra and TV’s in the woods, microphone fighting, Rufus Wainwright singing “Happy Birthday“, lots of “art” and multiple interpretations of art, and swinging on tree swings.  Overall, a pleasantly, surprisingly, pretty good night.


main entrance


one or both of these floors could have been the culprits of my precious heel destruction

yep, this happened.

I wasn’t kidding, people.


dinner tent

just a couple of artists microphone fighting


tent centerpiece


swing site

shoes off, swinging, having the times of our lives



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