Don’t be Koi with Me

I have a pretty standard nightly ritual when it comes to painting my own nails… 99% of the time, I do them in bed, before I fall asleep.  However, this can be quite risky, as I have faced many self-manicure tragedies along the way: nail polish on my sheets, nail polish on my nightstand, bed sheet imprints in the fresh paint, and so on.  But after years of practice, I have mastered the art of painting my own nails in bed.  Quite the triumph.

Last night, however, I decided to try a color that I hadn’t used in nearly five years: OPI’sDon’t be Koi with Me“.  In the dim light of my nightstand lamp, the color looked punchy, but not too bright.  I woke up this morning in broad daylight, and now it looks more fluorescent than anything else. 

Oh, well.  Another bedtime nail lesson learned: don’t choose my nail color in the dark.  At least it will keep me from biting them… for now.



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