Crazy, Stupid, Love

When I purchased my ticket to go see “Crazy, Stupid, Love“, I didn’t know what to expect… Was it going to be depressing or funny?  I have to be honest, the only reason I even wanted to see the movie was because Ryan Gosling was one of the male leads (and let me tell you, nobody has ever made eating a slice of pizza look so good).  As it turns out, the movie was yes, sad and funny, but it was also sweet, entertaining, shocking, and believe it or not… semi-believable, even though there were so many not-so-believable parts. 

The overriding message?  Never give up on true love.  Also, don’t completely let yourself go… and don’t wear New Balance sneakers with suits– or well, period, actually.

Of course, I have a few complaints.  Why have such an all-star adult cast, and then have such a creepy looking, slacking younger cast?  Really, though, why?  And lastly, why end the movie with a close-up of the weird looking Middle School graduate son, as opposed to a handsome Ryan Gosling?

Some things, I’ll just never know.


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