The Southampton Inn

After experiencing quite the B&B living hell, I decided to switch hotels once my working weekend was over, and take a hop, skip, and a jump next door, over the hedges, to The Southampton Inn.

This experience, unlike The Village Latch Inn, was quite nice.  Really nice, actually.  Especially after the dingy Village Latch.


  • Clean, spacious room with plenty of room for the desk, dresser and pull-out couch

  • Unbelievably comfy beds with Tempur-Pedic mattresses (soft bedsheets and down duvet included)

  • Clean, up-to-date bathroom with an extra large mirror

  • In-room refrigerator for wine, bottled water and watermelon

  • Large TV with plenty of channels

  • Outdoor ping-pong

  • Outdoor bar

  • Restaurant and courtyard on the premises

  • Clean, updated pool

  • Tennis Court

  • Free shuttle to/from the beach in order to avoid paying the $40/day parking fee

  • Colorful adirondack chairs left and right

  • Manicured lawns

  • Friendly & helpful staff

  • Dogs allowed

  • One block from town


  • Breakfast wasn’t complimentary

  • The Village Latch Inn is their next door neighbor

Oh, and it was almost 1/2 the price of the Village Latch Inn… is there even a question?  I’d like to go back now, please.



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