time keeps on slipping, into the future…

It feels like only yesterday that my dad took me to my first Steve Miller Band concert at Miami.  It was parent’s weekend, Junior Year, and I was p-u-m-p-e-d (my parents raised my sister and me on Steve Miller, The Police, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Elvis, of course).

Fast-forward five years later, we were back with a small entourage.  My parents thought it’d be a fun idea for us to go the Saturday night that Jenn and Tim were in town, and they were 100% right.  This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to (bold, but true).  The concert venue was the intimate Westbury Theatre in Long Island, and I can only hope that more of my favorite bands play here in the future, because there is seriously not a bad seat in the house.  The stage is smack in the middle of the venue, and it rotates, so really, every seat is a good seat.

As soon as we piled out of the SUV, we realized “we’re not in New York anymore“…  Hippies, galore.  Faded t-shirts from 1982, lots of facial hair, 24 oz. beer cans, and yes, even jorts (jean shorts).  Imagine my parents in this setting, if you will.  The thought is pretty entertaining in itself.  Imagine me there, for God’s sake!

Although we didn’t exactly fit in, we had the best time (aside from an over-sized, obnoxious woman who was on her feet throughout the entire concert, seated only 5 rows ahead of us), and Steve surely did not disappoint, as he played all of his greatest hits, and didn’t miss a beat.

Top songs below:

  • Jet Airliner (opener)

  • Fly Like an Eagle

  • Dance, Dance, Dance

  • Serenade

  • Winter Time

  • Rockin’ Me

  • Take the Money & Run

  • Jungle Love

  • Joker (finale)


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