Weekend Recap

As I mentioned in my previous post, this past weekend could not have been more beautiful.  It was the perfect Indian Summer weekend and I took full advantage.


Decided to take a drive out East to a dog-friendly pumpkin patch and give Riley her first taste of fall.  After picking up 3 close-to-perfect pumpkins in our little red wagon and plopping down at a little picnic table to enjoy some fall treats, it was already time to head home, as Mike and I had promised to make dinner for my parents later that evening.

I wouldn’t say that we’re Top Chefs, but I have to say that I was awfully proud of what we accomplished.  We attended a cooking class several weeks ago (post on that to come), so we thought it would be a fantastic idea to mimic the recipes we learned, and try them out on the two people who deserve a home-cooked meal more than anybody I know.  Although we hit some bumps along the along the way (too much sausage, not enough cheese, too much cheese, etc…), my parents seemed to enjoy the final outcome, which made it quite the success.

Just having the time of her life

delicious apps


Left for the beach around 11:00 am.  Picked up some magazines and a cinnamon raisin bagel to enjoy in the warm sand.  Took a little stroll by the shore and encountered some newlyweds having their very first photo-op as man and wife.  Post-beach consisted of a stop at Ralph’s for my last Italian ice of 2011, and of course, what better way to end a beautiful weekend than with a BBQ.

so this is what the beach club looks like when it’s closed… a complete ghost town.

Feeling the sand between my toes and the warm sun on my back in mid-October made me realize that I need to feel this type of weather year-round. 


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