The Trump SoHo

We held our 2011 National Sales Meeting at the Trump SoHo on Monday and Tuesday, and I cannot gush about this venue enough.  The hotel is super chic and sleek, and not only are the rooms gorgeous, but the staff was extremely attentive, not to mention professional.  If I had the money, I would stay and host events here more often, but unfortunately, I’m just not that lucky.

Monday’s meeting was held in the Hudson Square conference room, and the evening concluded with an exquisite dinner on the 47th floor of the hotel, overlooking all of Manhattan, at the cleverly named space, “SoHi“.

Day two commenced with our meeting on the ground floor in the Kastel Lounge, and the staff still managed to make us feel like we were the only company hosting a meeting in the building, even though Vogue and AdWeek occupied the other conference rooms.  Lunch was then held at Quattro, where the food was more delicious than I even hoped for.  I especially loved the decor of Quattro, as the walls consisted of mirrored and emerald green bricked tiles.

This is also a great spot for celeb sightings: Anna Wintour, Kanye West, John McEnroe, and even the guy from Cash Cab (is it sad that I was most intrigued to see him?) were all spotted in the lobby of the hotel on Tuesday.


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