This store was made for me…

The color of the entrance doors alone made me giddy.

At last I made it down to SoHo to pay a visit to the over-promoted C-Wonder, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, I was underwhelmed by the clothing, but the quality of the accessories, home goods, and jewelry was actually quite impressive, given the affordable price points.

I could have very easily shopped my face off in the home department… from the ikat tableware to the neutral monogrammed cashmere throws.  I die!

I definitely recommend heading down there before the quality heads south, though, because it usually does.

How could I not fall in love with this plate?  I mean, come on!  I would have died for this when I was a tween, going through my lime green/blue color-combo phase.

And I will never grow out of my Golden Retriever obsessed phase, so this plate was probably designed with me in mind.


Ikat mugs just in time for hot chocolate season,

and the perfect leopard belt that I can wear with jeans or dresses.


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