Joe Fresh

So I guess it’s true… all good things really do come from Canada (hello, Ryan Gosling!). Take Joe Fresh for example: the recent and much talked-about/blogged-about Canadian import to hit the affordable fashion scene.

There is a massive store that is set to open just down the street from my office, but after hearing so much about it, I couldn’t wait until Spring 2012 to check it out.

I was able to pay a visit to Joe Fresh at my local mall in Long Island this past weekend, and I was beyond impressed.  Cashmere sweaters for $68, workout pants/tops for $19, a beautiful lace skirt that’s far better quality than any J. Crew lace skirt I own (I swear) for $39, and classic skinny corduroys for $19.  NINETEEN DOLLARS!  The unbeatable price aside, I was really excited to find these because I’ve been searching for a great pair of cords for the past several weeks, and no luck.  Until now.

Even better, sizes run big, so not only do you not feel buyer’s remorse at the end of the shopping trip, you’ll also feel really skinny.



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