Macarons are definitely experiencing their “15 minutes” right now.  Everywhere you look, there’s a macaron.  Not really, but kind of.

I was able to pay a visit to Ladurée, the Godfather of all pastry and macaron specialty shops, founded in 1862.  Due to the fact that these guys came up with the idea for the first macaron, I figured they had to be good. Fortunately for me, the only shop in the U.S. is located only a few blocks away from my apartment, on Madison and 71st Street.

I’m really not a big fan of macarons, but these are definitely the best I’ve ever tasted.  I have to say that the store and website alone are what really won me over.  I felt like I was walking into my bedroom fantasy, with walls adorned with violet and light green… and that packaging can’t be anymore “me“.

If you live in New York and you love macarons, I recommend paying Ladurée a visit.  Also, a box of six for $20 is a really cute and clever Christmas gift idea.


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