Saxon and Parole

Never in my life did I ever think that I would try bone marrow or oysters.  Me?! Never! Especially not in one night… Of course, I didn’t say that I enjoyed them… But when something is placed directly in front of you, along with the words “on the house“, you don’t have much of a choice.  Sure, some people pay lots of money to eat oysters, but not me.  Honestly, they are much too similar to the texture (and appearance) of boogers.  Never again.

On Thursday night, Mike and I ventured down to AvroKO’s latest restaurant installment, Saxon and Parole, formerly Double Crown.   Upon walking into the restaurant, you feel as though you’ve been transported into a (quite fancy) ski lodge or ranch out West.

The service was fantastic, the wine list had an array of affordable and not-so-affordable wines, but the ones we tried were all tasty.  And the menu… although something I wouldn’t normally lean towards (I felt like I was on Dwight Shrute’s beet farm with all of the beets on my plate… from the beet salad  to the filet mignon with a side of beets), it was a welcomed change from my standard orders of Penne a la Vodka, Pizza or Chilean Sea Bass.

Highly recommended, if only for a drink or two, to check out the interior design and architecture, and my favorite course had to be dessert, of course.  As full as I was, I couldn’t resist the cheesecake with red wine poached pears and lemon sorbetdelicious!  Also, I couldn’t get enough of the bread, which is always a good sign… and, as always, a reason why I was so full.


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