Skittle Shots

A.K.A the death of meand my silk silver party dress (really hoping my dry cleaners will be able to salvage it).

Mike and his roommates hosted their second annual Christmas party on Saturday night, and these Skittle shots were a huge hit, once again. After purchasing five jumbo bags of Skittles, they then sorted the colors and soaked them in vodka for a couple of days.  The final result was dangerous.  Well, for two reasons.

A. They didn’t taste the least bit like vodka…  You can imagine how that can get dangerous.

B.  I’m a slob and am prone to spilling anything and everything all over myself.  So basically I was wearing red Skittle flavored vodka down the front of my dress for 99% of the night. 

OK, honestly, it also could have been the Jello shots.


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