Park Avenue Winter

I’ve been saying that I ought to take a stroll over to Park & 63rd to pay a visit to Park Avenue NYC  since I moved onto 63rd Street last December.  The fact that the restaurant changes its name and decor with the seasons (right now it’s Park Avenue Winter, obviously) really intrigued me.  Well, fast forward one year later and I still hadn’t experienced any of the seasons at Park Avenue, until Monday.

I figured since I’ve been wanting to check this place out for so long, I should look into it for a client lunch (this restaurant really isn’t targeted for twenty somethings anyway, if you know what I mean… so this was my time to seize the opportunity).  We hosted the lunch for 1 dozen people at the chef’s table, which was really unique, seeing as it was actually in the kitchen… a completely soundproof room surrounded by tile and glass, and although the room was extremely tight, it was a hit!

I wasn’t expecting the food to be outstanding, but I was pleasantly surprised with my mini-burgers and homemade ice cream for dessert.  Of course I made a complete mess of my burger (and myself), as half of it detached from the bun and tumbled to the floor (not missing my hair, blouse, skirt, and shoes.  Of course).  Yes, you’re sensing a pattern, here.

Aside from the mess and the aftermath of the burger which somehow wound up looking more like vomit in the end than anything else, the sliders were delicious.  Also, the homemade ice cream and sorbet are definitely worth paying a visit for – even if only for a glass of wine and dessert.


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