Pre-Christmas Dinner Date

Each year before Christmas (the past 4, at least), Mike and I plan a Christmas dinner date, followed by the much anticipated ritual of opening presents.  Well, we decided to go to LAVO this year…  It’s within walking distance from our apartments so we figured we wouldn’t have to worry about holiday traffic, and the last time we ate there, the food was delicious and the service, excellent.

This time… not so much.  Apparently all of NYC decided to go to LAVO last night.  Tourists, regulars, newbies… On a TUESDAY night!  We had an 8:30 reservation, and we weren’t seated until 9:30Yep, one hour wait.  That is just poor planning on their part, because never in my life have I had to wait that long for a table when I already made a reservation.  Given the wait, they gave us two drinks from the bar on the house, which slightly helped ease the pain, but still!

Once we were finally seated, drinks in hand, it was almost ten o’clock.  The food was delicious, but the fact that I’m paying $36 for a piece of Chilean Sea Bass that’s so similar to that of my Dad’s, it’s creepy, did not settle well with me either.  However, I now remember why I was so uncomfortably full after the first time I went.  But I have to say, the service and the long wait left a sour taste in my mouth…  Not to mention the noise!  It was so loud I could hardly hear myself talk, let alone Mike, who was sitting directly across from me.

Next time I dine at LAVO, I’ll be making a 6:00pm reservation.  Unfortunately, we were too full for the fried Oreo dessert, which is the main reason we went, so I’m sure we’ll be going back for some of that very soon.

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