Déjà Blue

As everyone can imagine, the streets of New York were especially buzzy before, and of course, after the Super Bowl. My favorite parts of the day included:

  • “Big Blue” berries in our pre-game mimosas.

  • Unexpectedly walking into a Boston bar and basically being kicked out for being Giants fans.

  • Massive amounts of junk food… from blue Doritos, to pizza, to donuts, to dip, to confetti cake, to amazing truffle cheese sandwiches.  Diet starts Monday!  Yeah, right.

  • Madonna’s terrible lip sync performance of “Vogue“.  Come on, the jig is up.

  • Hearing Giants fans hollering  out their windows and standing on their balconies cheering “GIANTS” and “NEW YORK” for a solid 15-20 minutes following the game.

  • There’s a camaraderie amongst New Yorkers, and they’re actually happy and smiling for 24 hours straight… OK, more like 1 hour, but that’s still a pretty big deal.

  • And of course, 21-17

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