abc date night

After listening to the buzz and chatter over ABC Kitchen for the past year and a half, I decided that it was finally time for Mike and I to hold one of our newly instated bi-weekly date nights here.

Loved the decor, and loved the food.

Our “ideal meal” below:

  • crab toast with lemon aioliMike claimed this was one of the best things he’s ever tasted. He says that a lot, but still so good.

  • housemade ricotta ravioli – this was my favorite

  • black sea bass with chilies and herbs it was literally like a sea bass soup, drenched in oils, but the fish was tasty

  • house cut fries with rosemary and garlic not necessary, but so good

  • selection of homemade sorbet for dessert – surprisingly, my least favorite part of the meal, as I wasn’t a fan of the blood orange flavor

All in all, a great start to our winter/spring 2012 tradition!


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