Empellón Cocina

On Monday night I stopped by Empellón Cocina, which has been garnering lots of buzz since opening last month, and I must say that I am about to join right in on the praises.

I’m not a big fan of Mexican.  In fact, my idea of Mexican doesn’t get any further than a frozen strawberry margarita, some chips and guac, and a good old fashioned cheese quesadilla, but this was eye opening for me.

The guacamole had the perfect amount of spice.  The homemade masa chips had the right amount of crunch.  And the margarita (on ice, not frozen)… the perfect amount of tequila.

Moving on to the more complicated dishes… the Melted Tetilla Cheese with Lobster, Tomate Frito & Kol and the Prime Beef Rib Eye Cap with Menudo & Puffed Tendon were my absolute favorites.  These are both must-tries.

I can’t wait to check out the sister restaurant, Empellón Taqueria, to see what Alex Stupak has cooking in there!


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