“Are You a Collector?”

That’s what my daily email from J. Crew  read yesterday.

When it comes to something I love… Yes, actually, I am! 

I love to collect.  BDG jeans, Yves St. Laurent shoes, J. Crew chino shorts in every possible color under the sun, t-shirts, cashmere cardigans, tweed jackets, crisp blazers, and alas, J. Crew ballet flats.  When I find something I love, why waste my time on anything else?

As annoyed as I’ve been with these ballet flats recently (they’ve doubled in price within the past 3 years, they’re not as comfortable as they once were, the quality has gone downway down), there is one major plus – the colors are getting brighter and better.

How can I resist a ballet boutique?  I mean, really.


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