I’ve only been back on land – and let me point out the fact that it is pretty cold land – for a mere day and a half, but here are a few things that I’ll miss from my dream vacation with my friend, Lauren, and her family:

    • Waking up at 6:30 every morning to the best alarm clock everthe warmth of the sun on our faces and the sound of boats passing by.

    • Enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails and snacks on the back of our catamaran every single day

    • HYPNAUTIC and our fearless captain and first mate who quickly became our friends, Leo and Amy

    • Amy’s cooking

    • Snorkeling with sea turtles and all the tropical fish you could imagine, all the while feeling like I was swimming in my very own lifesize fish tank

    • Cold showers to cool down our suntanned skin (yes, I will actually miss cold showers)

    • Jumping off the side of the catamaran whenever we felt too hot

    • The frozen drinks at Foxy’s, the decor and the puppy at The Last Resort, the view and live music from Pusser’s, and “Mambo #5” and even the creepy old man who pee’d off the dock at Willy T’s

    • Leo’s Painkillers and Cheesecakes

    • Staring at the stars from bed and being gently rocked to sleep every single night

    • Shark watching/feeding sharks from the back of the boat

    • Mega yacht/sailboat gawking watching

    • Swimming in clear (clean!), warm water everyday, all day, and being able to see all the way to the bottom

    • Amy’s pasta salad, french toast, shrimp skewers, fettuccini alfredo, grouper, scrambled eggs, chicken enchiladas, blue cheese dip, stuffed tomatos, desserts, … ok, I know I already said Amy’s cooking, but so good!

    • Being around a great group of positive people who just appreciate life and all they have

    • Never having to think about work or even look at my Blackberry the feeling of having left all of that in New York is irreplaceable

    • Watching the sunset night after night

    • TV’s in every room possible, but didn’t watch a single minute of it

    • Hardly ever needing a towel to dry off

    • Never needing a space heater for when I got out of the shower

    • Barefeet for 5 days straight

    • Bathing suits, shorts and coverups for 5 days straight

    • Kayaking to deserted beaches

    • Dingy rides

    • Not wearing an ounce of makeup or doing anything to my hair for a week straight (trust me, it wasn’t pretty, but it was amazing)

    • The simple feeling of really being able to relax and just go with the flow


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