Keith Haring Exhibit

Last Friday, we took a little staff field trip over the East River (or I guess I should say ‘under’, since we went via subway) to Brooklyn.  I’m not a usual over there, so it was actually quite the treat.  I’ve always been pretty closed off to Brooklyn, as most NYC dwellers are, but it’s amazing how much there is to offer.

The subway ride seemed to take forever, but in reality it only took about 30 minutes on the 2/3 to arrive at our destination, the Brooklyn Museum – which I have to say, was absolutely breathtaking.  The building itself was completely restored and updated, and it was beautiful and clean.

Once we made our way inside, I was just as impressed with the interior as I was with the exterior.

Sadly, we didn’t experience all of the exhibits while we were there, but we were given a private tour through the highly anticipated Keith Haring Exhibit, which showcased the controversial artist’s early career.  One of my favorite aspects of the exhibit was that you could actually take pictures!  There are so many times that I am tempted to snap a photo, and I’m abruptly stopped by security.  And here, I didn’t have to worry about that.

Once we left the museum, I was completely surprised to find The Brooklyn Botanic Garden blooming right next door.  This is definitely a great day trip I plan to take in the near future… two birds, one stone.

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