weekend recap

This past weekend couldn’t have been any more beautiful, so it was the perfect time to squeeze in some outdoor activities… Of course, amazing weekends like this make it that much harder to come back to the city and back to reality.


  • Drinks on the Conrad rooftop

  • Dinner in the garden at Palma

  • Happy Birthday presents and cupcakes for the Birthday boy


  • Bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium – great win for the Yanks!

  • Drunk ball

  • Billy Joel, Vanilla Ice and Backstreet Boys dance party


  • Cinnamon raisin bagel & Diet Peach Snapple from Bagel Express (perfect way to start out the morning)

  • Getting stuck in some serious traffic on the way to Penn Station

  • Race to the LIRR with a 30 lb suitcase and managed to make the train without a second to spare

  • Sunning myself on the back deck with Riley by my side

  • Trip to the nursery for lots of pretty spring flowers

  • Trip to Target for a new lamp (I’m obsessed!)

  • Wrapped up the evening with some Ralph’s Italian Ices which can make just about any day amazing


  • A nice stroll through the neighborhood with Riley and my parents

  • Brushing up on my very rusty tennis skills with my mom

  • Mother’s Day dinner


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