I had a really difficult time nailing down a restaurant for Mike’s Birthday dinner… Red Farm? Another time.  Red Rooster?  No.  Il Buco Alimentari Vineria?  Nah.

Ay, ay, ay!  He is one very high maintenance boyfriend!

Alas, I decided to take him somewhere that I’ve been itching to go to for months.  Happy Birthday to… me?  All joking aside, Mike did request an Italian restaurant, and we are both big fans of dining al fresco, so I really felt that this was our best bet.  Win-win.

The restaurant and garden are absolutely adorable (the hydrangeas lining the perimeter of the garden were an added bonus for me, of course), and it’s not too loud, and quite intimate.   Aside from the shrimp, the food was delicious. We both loved the homemade meatballs and spinach/ricotta cheese-filled ravioli – whatever that sauce was, it was very tasty – and I highly recommend them both!

All in all, this is a great Birthday dinner/ date night spot for all.


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