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May 19, 2012

Japanese BBQ

When it comes to food/dining out, I typically stay within my comfort zone… penne a la vodka, pizza, Chilean sea bass, swordfish, filet mignon, cheeseburger & fries…

My boyfriend, however, has a much more daring palate than myself.  He’s been recommending that we try Japanese and/or Korean BBQ for months, and I haven’t necessarily said no, but I haven’t pushed for it either.

Well, I finally had my first-ever Japanese BBQ experience at Gyu-Kaku, and you can quote me when I say that I wouldn’t mind going back.  I really wouldn’t!  It was such a fun date, and I’m really glad we went…  I loved the fact that we were able to prepare our own food right at the table.

I had Mike order everything, and he made some great selections… my favorites were the skirt steak and the chicken because they were nice and thin, which made them really easy to grill.

I never even knew this restaurant existed but I have a feeling that it won’t be long until we revisit…