Zé Café

Zé Café is one of those hidden little gems you stumble upon and immediately fall in love with.

It was love at first sight as soon as I spotted the hydrangeas in various shades of blue perched outside.  And once you walk in, you are completely hooked.  Beautiful floral arrangements adorn the room, from peonies to long stem roses (Zé Café is associated with ZéZé Florist, which is why the floral arrangements are so picture perfect every time I’ve walked in there).

The bread was amazing and it was nearly impossible for me to put it down (are you surprised?).  My cocktail couldn’t have been better given the atmosphere – my usual St. Germain & Prosecco, but with hibiscus flower. The first course they brought over was a soup – Gazpacho – perfect for a warm Spring night.  Next up was the Spring Asparagus Gratin and the Salmon Poke.  The asparagus was mouth watering, and the raw salmon surprisingly hit the spot.

The entrées weren’t far behind, and we had the Wild Mushroom Chicken Fusilli and the Prime Filet Mignon.  The pasta was tasty, but I would have preferred it sans chicken.  The steak was delicious, just like everything else on the menu.

How can we forget dessert?  Zé Café is known for their pies, and if they didn’t win us over with the food, they won us over with the Mississippi Mud and Sour Cream Apple Walnut PiesNeedless to say, we had to be rolled home.  

I’m already looking forward to going back, and I love the fact that it’s walking distance from my apartment.

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