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July 9, 2012


Although I’ve been toying with the frightening, yet invigorating idea of escaping the craziness that is NYC and moving somewhere simpler, not to mention more affordable, I can’t help but be enamored by my home state every single day.

Where else can you enjoy silky smooth sands and go body surfing in the Atlantic, drive along the coast and go wine tasting at multiple vineyards within a 5 mile radius, observe some incredible architecture and take a cruise around one of the world’s greatest cities, dine al fresco and watch the sunset over yachts and sailboats, stroll through an elevated park that was once a railroad, and manage to devour Shake Shack for lunch and Ralph’s Italian Ices for dessert every single night for the span of 6 days with the people you love most?

Times like these make me realize why people can’t get enough of this place…

We have a love/hate relationship, New York and me.