casual footwear: dream vs. reality

I am terrible to my feet.  In fact, I abuse them.  My mom swears that my hammerhead toes suddenly morphed into what they are today because I always forced myself into too-short shoes.  The mere thought of putting on socks makes me ill, so you’ll never find me in sneakers unless I’m at the gym or going for a run power walk.

I do my best to walk home from work, weather and time permitting, and my beloved wedges, flip flops and paper-thin ballet flats are no longer cutting it for my just under 2 mile walks home.  I recently started wearing my Sperry Topsiders and Minnetonka moccasins for these walks (which has made such a difference), and decided it was time to get another pair of comfy shoes to alternate between.

Although I’ve been yearning for a pair of TOD’S loafers for the longest time (the orange are amazing and continue to be on my wishlist until I finally make them mine), I decided to be practical and spend slightly less of my hard-earned money on a pair of Superga sneakers that will absolutely be worn sockless.  And I think they’re the perfect summer sneaker for a leisurely bike ride or stroll through the city.  I suppose those beautiful TOD’s loafers will have to wait.

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