Dana’s Bakery

A big, big thanks to Dana’s Bakery for creating these custom macarons for us in record time!!!

Dana’s was holding a tasting at a wine shop near my apartment a few weeks back, and Mike’s friend recommended we stop by because his cousin was the one hosting the event, A.K.A. Dana.  Sweets and wine in one place – that place being steps away from my building… we obviously had to go.

Dana’s Bakery is different from most, as she puts a fun/modern twist on the ordinary macaron.  Thin Mint?   Delicious.  Creamsicle?  Yes, please!  Red Velvet?  You can’t go wrong.  Birthday Cake – in a tie-dye glittery shell?  I mean… how do you beat that, Laduree?

The customer service is also unbeatable.  I emailed the generic email address with my request, and no more than thirty minutes later, I received a phone call from Ms. Dana herself, and she was more than happy to accommodate our every request – even down to the silver bows.  Yes, really, I was that high maintenance!

The patriotic macarons were a hit around the office, and I can’t wait to start spreading the word in support of Dana and her small, yet booming business.

I’d wish her luck, but something tells me she won’t be needing it…


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