The Penrose

I’ve been recommending The Penrose to my fellow Upper East Siders for weeks, and normally that would’t be so strange… except for the fact that I had never been there myself.

Wednesday night, Mike and I made our way up to the most popping place the UES has seen in years (aside from Shake Shack, of course).  I’ve been reading about the restaurant and the serious buzz its been gaining since it opened its doors in June, so I felt the need to pass the word along to anybody looking for a place to dine and/or drink – whether it be for a first date, or an intimate dinner to catch up with an old friend.

The location could definitely be better.  It has the misfortune of being smack dab in the middle of the miserable 2nd Avenue subway line construction.  The work is all happening right at its doorstep.  Literally.

The interior is a different story… it feels as though you’ve been transported to a buzzy, too-cool-for-school restaurant that you have to call 30 days in advance in order to get a reservation (except for the fact that The Penrose doesn’t take reservations).  The red toile pillows on each of the banquets were also an added bonus.  It’s the little things!

The food was delicious and surprisingly affordable…  Mike and I split a burger, fries and the mac & cheese and it rang up just under $30.  After finally making my own way up to The Penrose, I will continue to recommend it to just about anybody who asks.


One Comment to “The Penrose”

  1. great spot, ready to go back

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