fall to-do’s

I find it fascinating how different scents, sounds and places can bring you back, sometimes way back, to a specific time in your life.  Crisp fall mornings and bright blue skies bring me back to two memories in particular: 9/11 and back-to-school.  Of course one is bittersweet and the other, just bitter and painful, but every time I step out of my apartment and feel the cool air and the sun shining overhead, those memories take over my every thought.

Watching the first batch of leaves fall on my early morning strolls to class, the smell of foliage and wood burning, early mornings spent on the front porch every Homecoming… it all feels so fresh as if these things only happened yesterday, but in reality, they actually happened five years ago.

Memories, good and bad, are so powerful and so important, so my goal is to make more memories and to actually do things that I’ve been meaning to do.  This fall’s to-do list is a little overwhelming, but my goal is to accomplish at least 60%.

  1. Picnic in Central Park to see the leaves change.

  2. Boozy brunches with friends.

  3. Volunteer.

  4. Fall clean my apartment.  Top-to-bottom.

  5. Go pumpkin picking (I look forward to this every fall).

  6. Carve said pumpkins.

  7. Escape the city and travel somewhere warm.

  8. See an off-Broadway play.

  9. Dine at Rosemary’s, Isola & Vinegar Hill.

  10. Host a fall-themed get together.

  11. Do something touristy.

  12. Take Riley to the beach and hope that she doesn’t bury her little head in the sand (God, that was a nightmare).

  13. Find the perfect black booty.  I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for years.  Maybe this will be my lucky year…

  14. Purchase a fall scented candle for the apartment.

  15. Reorganize my closet.

  16. Give clothes away to charity that I have not worn in 2+ years.

  17. Visit the Met.

  18. Sleep in – a lot!

  19. Learn to cook the perfect fall dish.

  20. Book a trip for 2013 – we all need something to look forward to, right?

  21. Take classes at Apple so I can finally take advantage of having a MacBook.

  22. Visit the 9/11 Memorial.

  23. Figure out what makes me happy and actually carve out a plan.

  24. Cook dinner for my parents.  That is the least I can do for them, really!

  25. Print and enlarge my favorite photographs and have them framed.


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