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October 31, 2012

happy halloween

I’m fairly certain this Halloween will consist of more “tricks” than “treats“, post-Hurricane Sandy.  In fact, it hardly feels like Halloween at all.  As opposed to dressing up in costume or handing out candy, millions of people are left powerless and are forced to clean up the devastation and the mess that Sandy left behind.

The Halloween parade in the West Village has been postponed and children are forced to trick-or-treat during the day (if at all) due to power outages and destruction throughout the tri-state area.

Thinking of those who were so strongly impacted by the storm…

A glimpse at this year’s low-budget Halloween costume

October 28, 2012

life imitating art

…or art imitating life?

This happy and bright sunglass print by Inslee by Design is my last ditch effort to create my very own endless summer.  I don’t handle the cold weather or lack of sun – or greenery or sand – very well, so this will be a minor coping mechanism until beach season returns.

And who doesn’t want to stare at brightly colored sunglasses all day?  This is a much more affordable way of adding to my excessive sunglass collection… and something tells me I won’t get sick of these.

Print:  Inslee by Design  |  Frame:  Bed Bath & Beyond  |  Acrylic Tray: The Container Store

Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban, Gucci, Derek Lam, Ray-Ban, Balenciaga

October 26, 2012

fall outings.

So we didn’t get to cross pumpkin carving off the list this year (a downside to living in Manhattan is finding a place to carve and actually put those jack-o-lanters), but at least we got to pick them…

Mike & I (Riley in tow, of course) decided to drive to a pumpkin farm out East and take advantage of a beautiful October Saturday.  The outcome?  Lots of photos of Riley, lots of pumpkins in the trunk and lots of cotton candy in our bellies.

October 25, 2012

looking up

I’ve never been one to believe in horoscopes.  In fact, I’ve been known to tease my friends who read them daily.  

But this one in particular… I hope the stars, the planets – or whatever they are – are aligned, and that good things are finally on the horizon.  

October 24, 2012

BaubleBar Friends & Family Sale

BaubleBar’s first-ever Friends & Family Sale is finally here!  Receive 25% off your entire purchase with code: BBFAMILY.

I am currently trying to make a decision between all of the below…

October 24, 2012

Anticipation Designs

I’ve been working on a small side project for the past several weeks and although I can’t disclose too much, I can say that this side project has given me an entirely newfound appreciation for those launching their own businesses (and just to be clear, no, I am not launching my own business – but I wish I could!).

That being said, without saying too much, meet Taylor Mangold.

Taylor is a recent college graduate who started a shop on Etsy, called Anticipation Designs.  Her illustrations are adorable and she is such a sweetheart.  I received my custom notecards (below) in record time, along with a sweet personal note from Taylor.  She is happy to create all sorts of personalized stationery and prints for her clients.  Her sketches reminds me of Inslee Haynes’ beautiful illustrations – fashionable and feminine, with a touch of whimsy.

As many people close to me know, I am a stationery fiend.  Really, I have a massive lacquer box that holds all of my favorites, and I am so happy to add Taylor’s notecards to my collection!

When did you decide to launch Anticipation Designs?

I decided to launch Anticipation as my little side business because I loved the idea of sharing my art in a form where people can use it to send happiness to others. I never designed stationery before, but I find myself moving more towards that direction, because it is functional and artistic in a way that stays true to me.

How did you get started?

I have been painting since my childhood, but over the last few months I have accumulated lots of my own paintings and just decided to do something with them. Hence, Anticipation Designs. I opened an Etsy store in July 2012. Small beginnings!

Where/how do you find inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration in myself and in others. My work is varied – I illustrate many things, from fashion to landscapes. I try to aim for a certain feel in each brushstroke. I am inspired by other artists, bloggers, famous photographers, my friends and family. Lately I would say that I am inspired by my dreams to travel.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge to date is finding ways to increase the functionality of my product. I want someone to look at my collection and think, “hey! I could use that, and it’s pretty.” Also, in my commissioned works, I strive to mimic each persons’ individuality in my piece, which can be a challenge.


How would you like to expand your brand?

I would be happy to expand my brand to my own website when I am more well-known in this community. I thank bloggers who follow my blog, Anticipation, for all of the support and encouragement in my business.I’d like to see Anticipation Designs churning out more illustrations and stationery for a tailored taste. I would love to work more on personalized invitations and commissions for my clients. I truly enjoy working with a client to come up with the most true and artistic composition.

How do you stay motivated?   

On a recent commission, I worked with a woman who was commissioning me to create a secret Bachelorette Party invitation for a friend getting married. When she showed the bride-to-be my illustration, she apparently broke down in tears of surprise and happiness. When I heard about this, I was so happy and shocked, too! I was filled with joy to think that my painting brought so much happiness to another. If I could do that again, if only for an instant, I’d be thrilled. People motivate me.

October 21, 2012

here comes trouble…

Well, J. Crew is at it again.

The colors, the tailored cuts, the cozy sweaters, the updated classics… I’m in trouble.

October 18, 2012

Fall Florals: Dresses

1. Erdem  |  2. Lela Rose  |  3. Theyskins’ Theory  |  4. Etro

5. Elizabeth & James  |  6. Topshop  |  7. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel  |  8. Vineet Bahl

October 16, 2012

Fall Florals

Marc by Marc Jacobs top  |  Genny vintage skirt  |  Topshop peplum top  |  3.1 Phillip Lim pants  |  Alice + Olivia peplum top

Maison Martin Margiela skirt  |  Derek Lam skirt  |   Tibi peplum top  |  J. Crew pants


October 15, 2012

Gimme that GurglePot

Yes, you read that right.

These whimsical pitchers are just too cute to pass up.  They’re perfect for entertaining or simply for decoration.  They come in the most amazing colors and last, but definitely not least, they make a fun little sound as you pour.

A boutique in Charleston had these in the storefront window and I am kicking myself for not purchasing the aqua after going back to the store three times.  Of course they are more expensive online – why wouldn’t they be?

But at $40, why not buy a color for every season?  Or month…  It’s so hard to choose!