falling for lowcountry

I have always been drawn to the south – Charleston, in particular – and I could never understand why. I do love Hilton Head and if you asked me where I’d be spending the next four years of my life as a fresh faced senior in high school, I would have sworn I was going to be a “Gamecock“.  But how on earth could I be drawn to a city that I had never been?  Only now does it all make sense… Charleston’s history, charm, shopping, character, beauty… and the palm trees!  Who wouldn’t like to live in a place that has palm trees and warm weather year round?  I felt at home.

I’ve been pestering my boyfriend about making a trip down to Charleston for several months, and we finally bit the bullet and booked.  I am so happy that we did.

We had two short days to squeeze in all Charleston has to offer, and I must say that we did a decent job.  A carriage tour through town; lunch at the acclaimed Husk Restaurant; bike rides through The Waterfront Park, along Rainbow Row and through the cobble stoned alleys of the Historical District; a tour of the infamous haunted jailhouse; bottomless mimosas & grits at TOAST (when in Rome…); late-night dessert at Kaminsky’s; dinner at Magnolias; shopping on King Street and browsing the South Street Market.

There was no dodging of shoulders, elbows or cigarette smoke as we wandered; no frowns from strangers – simply smiles and warm welcomes; not once did I hear a horn honk.  In fact there were times I swear I could hear a pin drop.  As hard as it was for me to leave, something tells me that I’ll be back soon.  Of course my fingers are crossed tightly for sooner rather than later.


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