Lollia by Margot Elena

Some people may consider me a hoarder.  I can’t blame them, either.  I hoard clothes, stationery, matchboxes, bags, toiletries… and candles.  I find a good candle and I have to have it – whether it’s Le Labo, Lafco, Nest, Voluspa, Niquea.D, Mixture or now, quite possibly my favorite of all-time: Lollia by Margot Elena.

The packaging is amazing.  And if that doesn’t draw you in from the start, then the scents and the notes behind those scents will.  Yes, notes.  The candles each have their own creative name – two of my favorites being “Sunspots on a Photograph” and “Running Through the Grass Barefoot“.  Because, well, there really is nothing like running through the grass barefoot, right?  Summer… running through the dewy grass at dawn… nothing like it.

A flickering candle automatically makes my homey NYC apartment feel that much homier.  A candle has the ability to warm up a room from the moment the match hits the wick.  I just love it.

Now does a girl need this many candles?  God, no!  But I can’t help myself.  So long as it smells pretty – and looks pretty – I have to have it.

Tomorrow  |  When the Leaves Turn  |  I Can Still Smell the Rain

Staring at the Ceiling  |  Another Quiet Day  |  Running in the Grass Barefoot


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