Hello, this Book will change your life…

Those close to me know that I once lived in a land far, far away called Salt Lake City, Utah.  Those who sort of know me think that I was born & raised Mormon.  In reality, I lived in Salt Lake City for five years of my pre-teen/tween life.  And side note, just because you live in Utah, doesn’t automatically mean you become a member of the Mormon church.

So now that we’ve cleared all of that up…

Due to the fact that Salt Lake City and the state of Utah are so near & dear to my heart, I was a bit skeptical about seeing The Book of Mormon.  Would it be offensive?  How vulgar is it exactly?  I’m not the biggest fan of South Park, so will I find it silly & irritating?

So many questions!!

That being said, I dropped all of my preconceived notions and went to see The Book of Mormon with my boyfriend and two Chicago visitors.  I’m so glad that I did.  The music was extremely catchy & all four of us were singing show tunes for the remainder of the weekend.  The actors were all great and I’m very critical when it comes to acting – I find it hard to watch any scenes in Modern Family involving Luke or Lily.  Just so bad it hurts.  And the one liners were spot-on.

I found myself giggling alone during various scenes because other people in the audience weren’t privy to certain things.  Mormons can’t drink caffeine.  The dancing Starbucks cups – genius.  Mormons tend to have extremely large families and they all.look.alike.  Missionaries, as nice as they are, are extremely persistent.  I remember dashing away from the open foyer half the time our doorbell rang because honestly, it was just getting out of hand.  We are Catholic, people, and that is that!  

Sure, it’s a silly concept and yes, I found myself blushing at times, but after a terrible week, The Book of Mormon had me laughing ’til my cheeks hurt.  My mom always said “laugher is the best medicine…”


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