give thanks.

Today is the day to “give thanks” & show gratitude to those nearest and dearest to your heart.  Family, significant others, friends – including those furry four legged friends who never fail to make us smile…

Give thanks for your health.  For that roof over your head.  For that closet full of clothes.  For that pantry full of necessities & snacks.  Give thanks for that paycheck & for that job – no matter how much stress, agony, sleepless nights and frustration it may cause you.  Give thanks for vacations and getaways.  Give thanks for visitors and reunions.  Give thanks to your parents, who have taught you everything you would ever need to know, and who have shaped you into the person you are to this day.  Give thanks to your boyfriend, who has stood by you through some of the toughest times and keeps you going through all the bumps in the road.  Give thanks to your friends, who keep you laughing.

Give thanks for the little things… and the big things.

1 to 2 words may seem like nothing at all, but they mean so much.  Remember to give thanks to those who teach you, to those who listen & offer advice, to those who support you, to those who challenge you, to those who would drop everything for you, to those who make an effort, to those who lend a helping hand, and to those who are always there…

Happy Thanksgiving!


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