meet mark & graham.

You probably already know them.  And if you don’t, then I’m fairly certain you know their siblings: Pottery Barn, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma… Right, I’m sure you’re all familiar.

Mark & Graham is taking the monogram to an entirely new level… and I am loving every minute of it.  Who doesn’t love a good monogram (aside from my sister – and I have always found that odd)?

Whether you’re struggling to find that perfect engagement, Christmas or hostess gift, Mark & Graham should definitely be the first stop on your search engine list.  From leather tote bags to linens to decanters, this place literally has everything for the homebodies and the entertainers.

A big thanks to my friend, Jess, who introduced me to this site!

1. Everyday Leather Tote  |  2. Crystal Decanter  3.  Linen Wine Bag  |  4. Gold Medallion

5. Silver Plated Box  |  6. Chambray Glass Candle  |  7. Glass Mirrored Coasters  |  8. Acrylic Wine Stopper

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