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December 15, 2012

belles of the ball

Z100 Jingle Ball

Attending Z100’s Jingle Ball in my mid-twenties gave me an entirely new outlook on life…  OK, not exactly, but it did give me a whole new appreciation & respect for my Dad.  Those tweens and their screams, I tell you.  I don’t know how he did it.  And to think I was one of them!  Hyperventilating at the mere sight of Mark McGrath and Justin Timberlake – embarrassing for me, yes – but absolutely terrifying for a father.

The Jingle Ball lineup was tween heaven – One Direction, Taylor Swift, Fun., The Wanted, Jason Mraz, Ne-Yo, B.O.B., JUSTIN BIEBER & a few other acts I’d never heard of.  A tween’s dream, really.  The shrieking and squealing that took place before we even entered the doors of Madison Square Garden were deafening… one can only imagine what those escalated to once Justin Bieber took the stage and yes, took his jacket off.

We witnessed tweens making music videos – both of themselves and of the various acts – tears of joy that could fill the Hudson River, big smiles exposing braces and crooked teeth and lots & lots of camera flashes.  We witnessed lots of parents, earplugs in, trying to enjoy themselves.

And then… there were the four of us….  The oldest people at the concert who didn’t have a pack of kids fainting behind them – who were over served (in forms of both beverages & cotton candy) and having the time of our lives.  Mike and Andrew had their arms wrapped around each other, swaying to Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up“, and Alyssa and I were too busy dancing and singing to today’s top hits to even notice the people around us – let alone our boyfriends and their budding bromance.

Makes me wonder how my Dad did it…  The long commute home from work only to then attend a concert with ear bleeding cries and boy band mania.  All I can say is, I hope my kids don’t catch the Bieber Fever – or I suppose whatever the equivalent may be 15 years from now…

MSGThe crowd anxiously awaiting their entrance into MSG.

Jingle BallMike:  Who are these 1D kids, anyway? They’re like twelve.

Andrew:  Yeah, but look at them.  They’re so awesome.

Mike:  God, you’re so right…

Jingle BallRed confetti everywhere following Taylor Swift’s performance.

Jingle Ball

Jingle Ball

Jingle BallJust having the time of his life.


Jingle BallFeeling the Fever during the finale.

Jingle Ball