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January 31, 2013

Boutique of the Week: {Pree Brulée}

“We are infinitely inspired by both the exotic and contemporary. Here you will find items in a perfect mixture of timeless classic and one-of-a-kind edgy…”

Pree Brulée

Everything from statement necklaces to stationery, Pree Brulée is one of those special boutiques that carries only the most beautiful pieces.  I had a really difficult time narrowing my favorite pieces down, but I hope I was able to do Pree Brulée justice.

Pree Brulée

January 28, 2013

A Little Visit to ABD

I was so excited when Ashley, of Ashley Brooke Designs, and Betsy, of Heavens to Betsy, asked me to be a part of the Ashley Brooke Designs “Desk Obsessed” series because I, myself, am desk obsessed… not to mention borderline OCD and spend much of my time at my desk, so how could this be any more perfect?

I also loved working with both girls on the Ashley Brooke Designs feature in Sweet Lemon Magazine and am a huge supporter of the ABD brand, their positive & upbeat attitudes and all they have accomplished since launching this paper products empire.

See below for a teaser, but be sure to check out Ashley’s blog for the interview in its entirety!

January 27, 2013

the latest by lulu & j.crew

It’s no secret that I love J.Crew (see here, here & here) – yes, I agree, it is a problem.  And most recently, I proclaimed my love for Lulu Frost’s Code Collection.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I first heard about the J.Crew/Lulu Frost jewelry collaborations.  I am currently loving these feminine hues of pale periwinkle and winter white, but alas, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to shop less.

I suppose I will have to live vicariously through this post, although I can’t stop going back to these earrings

Lulu Frost for J.Crew

January 26, 2013

a few of my favorite things…

favorite things

The charms on this gold chain will forever be close to my heart – both literally and figuratively – for more reasons than one, but the overarching reason is because of who they came from: my parents.

from top right:

my mom’s wedding band  |  Tiffany heart from high school

monogrammed gold disc necklace for my 21st Birthday

January 24, 2013

Boutique of the Week: {Le Mode Accessories}

“Our obsession is in the details-it is all about finding the perfect finishing touches to really pull that outfit together…”

Le Mode Accessories

I first discovered Le Mode a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon some really great pieces at seriously tempting price points.  They’ve got lots of items that have been featured on Bauble Bar, but plenty of original pieces I’d never seen before.

And like I said, everything on the site is super affordable, so Le Mode is definitely worth checking out.

Le Mode Accessories

January 22, 2013

Entertaining Essentials

I love entertaining.  I love the process of getting everything ready and then seeing the final product – whether it’s big or small.  I actually own a lot of the items below and if I don’t, you better believe they’re on my entertaining wish list (hello, Society Social bar cart!).

Entertaining Essentials

1. Society Social bar cart  |  2. Circo cheese board  |  3. Cocktail napkins  |  4. Cafe Press coaster  |  5. Mark & Graham decanter

6. Paper Presentation striped straws  |  7. West Elm tray  |  8. Crate & Barrel champagne flutes  |  9. St.-Germain liqueur

10. Hi! prosecco  |  11. Pier1 lantern  |  12. Williams Sonoma ice bucket

January 21, 2013

Hundred Acres

Hundred Acres

I am not one to write any sort of negative reviews on sites like Yelp, New York Mag or OpenTable.  I guess I’ve never felt strongly enough about a dining experience to do so….  That is until my most recent experience at Hundred Acres.

This is such an adorable restaurant, but it is seriously lacking in the service department.  From the moment the eight of us arrived for our 2 PM reservation, I knew there’d be trouble.

First, we were forced to wait for 40 minutes before being seated.  Once we were seated, it took at least 30 minutes for the waiter to come over, let alone acknowledge our presence, period.  He filled our glasses halfway with lukewarm water and didn’t even bother to apologize for spilling more water on the table than he did inside the glasses.  I tell him that in order to make it easier on him, feel free to leave a pitcher of water on the table and we can all pour our waters ourselves.

The pitcher never comes.

We order a pitcher of Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.  The pitcher of mimosas comes at least thirty minutes later and the Bloody Mary’s are nowhere to be found.  At this point I am starving and parched and I feel absolutely terrible because I picked the brunch spot.

Me: 0, Hundred Acres: 5

I had finally had enough and decided to say something to the manager (this is 20 minutes after I ask our waiter where our drinks are), and she feels terrible and apologizes for the poor service.  Once we finally get the pitcher of Bloody Mary’s and at least four pitchers of water on the table, the food is not too far behind.

If the service were terrible and the food was excellent, I would not have been as angry as I was when I walked away from that brunch.  Not only did we wait to be seated when we had a reservation, but we were stuck at the table for an unacceptable amount of time without food or drinks.  Not even water.  Typically I am very understanding if service is slow, but the restaurant was no longer busy and our waiter was unapologetic and unresponsive.  That being said, this called for a bad review on OpenTable when I received an email asking me about my experience at Hundred Acres.

So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

Hundred Acres

January 18, 2013

“Why is she called Beibs? And why are you Maski?”

I’m in an especially good mood today because not only is the upcoming weekend a three-day one & it’s FRIDAY, but there’s about to be an abundance of “Meg Sandwich” photos being taken in just a few short hours.

January 15, 2013

This year I will {try to}…

Live in the moment  |  Make plans & keep them  |  Learn a new skill  |  Shop less

Do something that scares me  |  Text less; call more  |  Find creative ways to relieve stress & relax  |  Try new things

Stop & think before reacting  |  Organize my life and space  |  See the silver lining

Help others; whether it’s donating, volunteering or the simple act of holding a door

Make fewer impulse purchases  |  Read more  |  Try new recipes  |  Spend more time with loved ones  |  Write more  

Continue to work hard, but work less  |  Workout more  |  Travel somewhere I’ve never been  

Do my research  |  Stop taking things so seriously  |  Be positive  

Better late than never, right?

I don’t typically make so many New Year’s Resolutions because I try to improve myself and my actions everyday, but I have to admit it’s nice to actually see them all in writing.  Here’s hoping this will force me to keep them up all year long.

January 12, 2013

{a look back at 2012}

Parents always say, “Don’t rush your life away“, and my dad always told me never to count down the days until the weekend because, well, that’d be rushing my life away.

He is 100% right.

Of course I can never refrain from a good countdown, although I think I may have counted down until the weekend one too many times in 2012 because I am fairly certain this was the quickest year on record (in my book).

Sure 2012 had its low points, but it also had lots of highs that I will not soon forget.

Skiing Stowe.

A Mother/Daughter trip to The Frick Museum.

Painting with friends.

A Big Blue Superbowl.

A trip of a lifetime to the Virgin Islands with my friend Lauren & her family.

A beautiful & mild spring in NYC.

First trip to the Brooklyn Museum to view the Keith Haring Exhibit.

Yankees games with friends.

Memorial Day Weekend at ABC.

Successfully completing my first-ever needle point belt for Mike’s Birthday.

The Little Black Jacket Exhibit.


Being a tourist in my own city.

My first trip to the vineyards.

Quality time with my favorite people [and pets].

Perfect beach days.

Dozens of delicious dinner dates…  See herehereherehere, here & here.

Annual weekend in Shelter Island.

First Cirque du Soleil experience.

Box seats at the U.S. Open.

Meeting the one & only Mariano Rivera.

Never forgetting at the 9/11 Memorial.

Finally paying a visit to Charleston.

Volunteering with New York Cares.

Pumpkin picking with Riley [and Mike].

Halloween debauchery.

Boozy brunches.

The Book of Mormon and several other Broadway shows.

Being published in Sweet Lemon Magazine’s 7th issue.

Miami reunions.

Much-needed R&R in FLL.

Re-living my tween years at Jingle Ball.

Decorating & dressing a tree of my own.

Spending Christmas vacation at home.

A proper ending to 2012.