another year

I am currently mourning my Christmas vacation.  Why is it that the holidays fly by so quickly?  And how is it at all possible that we’ve already entered the year, 2013?

This may sound strange, but I’ll never forget the day the location for the 2002 Winter Olympics was announced.  I was sitting in the kitchen curled up with my Golden Retriever puppy overlooking the mountains on Tomahawk Drive, only to find out that the Winter Games would be held on those very mountains.  And I remember saying, “2002?  That’s so far away!  I’m going to be SIXTEEN!!”  — Keep in mind the announcement was made in 1995 – seven years feels like an entire lifetime to a nine year old.

I tell you one thing… memories like that make me feel very, very old and I suppose it makes me mourn my childhood, as well.

I remember when summer vacations were long and carefree.  Winter breaks were spent sledding and curled up by the fire with hot chocolate and those two weeks off seemed to last for months on end.

This Christmas break was special, too, of course.  Although it didn’t feel nearly as long as I’d had hoped.  I found myself waking up Friday morning yearning for it to be one week earlier.  Yearning for that extra week of doing absolutely nothing.

Something tells me that this year will fly by just as quickly as last year did… I’m just hoping it’s a good one.


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