show gratitude.

Seeing as the holidays are over and done with (sad, but true), it is time to think about the wonderful gifts we all received and then show our gratitude to those special people who gifted them to us.

If this isn’t the first post you’ve ever read from me, then you are well aware of just how much I love and appreciate a nice thank-you note.

In a mailbox filled with bills and junk mail (and imagine how much worse it is post-holiday season!), it’s beyond refreshing to receive the occasional hand written note.

show gratitude.1. Russell + Hazel, $22  |  2. Ashley Brooke Designs, $13  |  3. Crane & Co., $19  |  4. William Arthur, $10.50

5. Vera Wang, $24  |  6. Kate Spade, $2o  |  7. Bubbles n’ Bows, $21  |  8. Letterpress Delicacies, $18  |  9. Russell + Hazel, $22


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