love & marriage on new years eve.

Call me crazy, but I’ve never been a fan of New Years Eve – although I can see how the sparkles may have thrown you off… the built up anticipation, the unnecessary anxiety, the exuberant costs.  I mean, really!  Aside from the two years I spent in Chicago with my college roommates, I never particularly looked forward to New Years.

This year was different, though, for a couple of reasons:  I was ready for this year to be over.  I have been extremely hopeful for a healthy, successful & positive 2013 and my boyfriend & I were attending our first-ever wedding together.

A New Years Eve wedding… honestly, I never really thought about it.  But there was something so special about celebrating the start of a New Year accompanied by the start of two very special peoples’ lives together…  In short, it was really very sweet, symbolic & beautiful (and fun, of course!).

I finally had the opportunity to wear some of my favorite never-been-worn pieces from my wardrobe…

{Tibi dress, Banana Republic earrings, J.Crew necklace, vintage hair clip, Judith Leiber clutch, Reiss pumps}

Coordinated pair… it felt like prom all over again – all that was missing was the corsage.

The happy couple surrounded by sparklers & loved ones.

The coziest, most festive wedding decor of all time.


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