Hundred Acres

Hundred Acres

I am not one to write any sort of negative reviews on sites like Yelp, New York Mag or OpenTable.  I guess I’ve never felt strongly enough about a dining experience to do so….  That is until my most recent experience at Hundred Acres.

This is such an adorable restaurant, but it is seriously lacking in the service department.  From the moment the eight of us arrived for our 2 PM reservation, I knew there’d be trouble.

First, we were forced to wait for 40 minutes before being seated.  Once we were seated, it took at least 30 minutes for the waiter to come over, let alone acknowledge our presence, period.  He filled our glasses halfway with lukewarm water and didn’t even bother to apologize for spilling more water on the table than he did inside the glasses.  I tell him that in order to make it easier on him, feel free to leave a pitcher of water on the table and we can all pour our waters ourselves.

The pitcher never comes.

We order a pitcher of Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.  The pitcher of mimosas comes at least thirty minutes later and the Bloody Mary’s are nowhere to be found.  At this point I am starving and parched and I feel absolutely terrible because I picked the brunch spot.

Me: 0, Hundred Acres: 5

I had finally had enough and decided to say something to the manager (this is 20 minutes after I ask our waiter where our drinks are), and she feels terrible and apologizes for the poor service.  Once we finally get the pitcher of Bloody Mary’s and at least four pitchers of water on the table, the food is not too far behind.

If the service were terrible and the food was excellent, I would not have been as angry as I was when I walked away from that brunch.  Not only did we wait to be seated when we had a reservation, but we were stuck at the table for an unacceptable amount of time without food or drinks.  Not even water.  Typically I am very understanding if service is slow, but the restaurant was no longer busy and our waiter was unapologetic and unresponsive.  That being said, this called for a bad review on OpenTable when I received an email asking me about my experience at Hundred Acres.

So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

Hundred Acres

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