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April 29, 2013

{An Everlasting Love.}

My parents will be married for 35 years this September.  When they were first married in 1978, they weren’t able to wed in a Catholic church, which is why they renewed their vows last week, in the very parish that my family has been going to for the past twenty-five years.

I look at them, and not only do I admire them for the years they’ve managed to stay happily married, but I admire the love and respect they have for one another, even more so.  They have both overcome some of life’s most difficult and painful obstacles… some so agonizing it could break a weaker person–a weaker relationship–but they have never stopped being there for each other.  They have never stopped loving, they have never stopped cherishing, they have never stopped trying.

I am so proud and so happy to have this relationship to idolize and hopefully someday, emulate.  Their true success lies in the love they have for one another and in the life they have built for themselves and our family.

Congratulations, Mom & Dad…

April 26, 2013

the cat’s meow.

One of my girlfriends sent me a link to a photo of Kate Beckinsale the other day, and knowing that I’m always up for a good old track that item down challenge said, “Girl, I want those sunglasses.  Who do you think makes them?

Well for the remainder of the day I made it my mission to find those very sunglasses.  Try as I might, I had minimal luck, although I did find lots of similar styles that are just as stalk-worthy, if not more so.

I never saw myself as a cat-eye type of girl, but I must say that I really love the less exaggerated versions.

1. Alexander McQueen, $345  |  2. Michael Kors, $99  |  3. Chloe, $275  |  4. Elizabeth & James, $155

5. Jimmy Choo, $350  |  6. Stella McCartney, $190  |  7.  Marc by Marc Jacobs, $110  |  8. Dolce & Gabbana, $135

9. Prada, $290  |  10. Halogen, $58  |  11. Prada, $245  |  12. Valentino, $226

April 25, 2013

Most Wanted

most wanted

1. Sail to Sable tunic  |  The perfect fit, color combo + cut.

2. Whistles UK shades  |  Just love everything about these.

3. Kayu clutch  |  I can’t get enough of this vibrant emerald… perfect for spring + summer.

4. Jack Rogers wedges  |  A neutral color + ideal height for running around on cobble stoned streets all spring/summer.

5. Kiehl’s hand salve  |  The temperatures may be on the rise, but my hands are still as dry as can be… this is the ultimate savior.

6. Tom Binns bangle  |  I love the simplicity + pop of detail.

April 23, 2013

Update: Estée Lauder Daywear BB Creme

According to Wikipedia, “BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage.

I don’t know a single thing about makeup, but I do know that when looking for makeup, I need to be sure it’s something that won’t cause  me to break out.  Keywords are always “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic”.  Beauty experts have been talking about BB creams for the past several months so I decided it was time that I put Estée Lauder’s to the test.

Pros: Good coverage  |  SPF 35  |  No moisturizer necessary  |  Doesn’t cause breakouts

Cons:  A little too thick and creamy for my liking (I’m now thinking that I may need to mix in moisturizer in order to combat this problem…?)  |  Makes me look paler than I already am (definitely need to try a different shade for the warmer months)

April 21, 2013

time to get pedi-ready

Piperlime is currently offering 20% off on all sandals/spring styles through 4/22 with promo code: PEDI

I’m personally all about the color blocking, pastels and neons right now.

Happy shopping!

1. Jack Rogers  |  2. Tommy Hilfiger  |  3. Sol Sana

4. Joie  |  5. Sam Edelman  |  6. Jack Rogers  |  7. Mia

April 20, 2013

Two Weeks Later

Aside from one big moving truck debacle, some serious issues with the world’s worst cable/Internet provider and two very heartbreaking goodbyes, my first two weeks in Charleston were relatively stress-free.

Flowers lining the perimeter of Battery Park.

I have managed to start turning a once completely bare apartment in a completely unfamiliar city into a space I can call my own… in a place that I can eventually call “home“.  I still refer to my parent’s house as “home” and I probably always will, but after adding some familiar touches from my former apartment and said “home“, I hope to turn this unfamiliar space into a close second (I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the transformation).

The first of many S.C. sunsets.

I already feel more independent than ever.  Maybe it’s because I have no other option, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  If I want to go for a walk on the Battery after work, I don’t need to wait around for somebody to go with me, I’ll do it alone. Having the ability to come home from work while the sun is still high, hop in the car and drive, only to then watch the sunset over the water… It’s invigorating, really.  I won’t deny, however, that having a certain someone by my side would make this new experience that much more special…

Riley’s first walk along the Battery. She just loves feeling the wind in her face.

Sure it’s sad being alone sometimes (OK, more than sometimes…), and I know that if I didn’t have Riley with me, I’d be singing a much different tune–and I’m sure I’ll be singing a completely different tune in two weeks–but goodbyes and heartaches aside, I have to say that things aren’t so bad here in Charleston.

Can’t get much better than this.

My precious roommate.

Inside White Point Garden/Battery Park… Allergy season is in full swing.

A quick break with a view from the fountain in Marion Square.

As a side note, that nightmare cable/Internet provider that I mentioned: well, it’s not Time Warner. I have never had a more negative overall experience with a service or company in my entire life. From the customer service and activation to installation and products offered, not to mention the archaic DVR and cable boxes, my experience with Comcast has been the biggest headache and time-suck. I will never recommend it. Not ever.

April 18, 2013

April 12, 2013

Dear New York.

These past several months have been filled with a roller coaster of emotions.  The past few days–having said goodbye to the people I love most–were especially hard and my heart physically aches when I begin to think about it.

Growing up, I never thought I’d leave New York.  At least not so soon.  I watched as my sister eagerly packed her bags and moved to Cincinnati a year and a half after graduating from college and I thought she was out of her mind.

Why would anybody want to leave the greatest city in the world?  

But now I have to ask myself this one question that I recommend all fellow New Yorkers ask themselves: how do I know it’s the greatest city in the world if I’ve never experienced anything else?  Sure, I lived in Salt Lake City for six years and I spent four amazing years in Oxford, Ohio, but I didn’t have the opportunity to fully immerse myself in any city but New York.

New Yorkers pride themselves on being open-minded and all-knowing, but doesn’t that make us New Yorkers all the more ignorant and closed-minded than anybody else out there?  How do we know that this is where we’re meant to be if we never step outside of it and explore anywhere else?

Two years ago, I finally realized that it was time for me to start thinking about leaving my New York roots behind for a better quality of life.

Last scene leaving N.Y.C.

It’s always been challenging for me to step outside of my comfort zone.  Change actually frightens me. When I was three years old, I tried to wear the same dress I’ve somehow managed to hold onto dolls and Knicks jerseys from 20+ years ago. I can’t part with my pink Razor.  I refuse to get rid of my first car even though I know I’ll like my next car 10x more. Once I find something I like, I’ll never switch up my order.  I’ve always done what I’m supposed to do.  I tried my best to avoid getting into trouble growing up–aside from the occasional misbehaving–and I made it my life’s goal to do right by my parents and make them proud (to be honest, I was always petrified of disappointing them).  After graduating from college, I  moved home and got a job shortly thereafter.  I didn’t travel.  I wanted to stay home and go to the beach  I lived at home and two and a half years later, I had finally saved up enough money to move – into New York City – less than 20 miles from my hometown.

I hated New York.  I hated my job.  I hated the repulsive people I’d encounter every single day.  I hated the rent check that I had to write every single month.  I hated the traffic.  Why can’t I just get across town?!  I hated public transportation.  I hated the smell of public transportation.  I hated the litter on the streets.  I hated the cold.  I hated the prices at the grocery store.  I hated that my grocery store was in a basement.  I hated the taxes that were taken out of my paycheck every other week.  I hated the hours I was working.   I hated the competitive nature of every single person who lives in that city.  I hated always hearing, “oh yeah, well, it’s a really cutthroat industry…”. Everything is cutthroat in this city!  Everyone is constantly trying to one-up the other person… what’s the point!?

Finally, I hated the fact that I hated everything.  I didn’t want to be that person.  I want to be happy and ignore the things that bring us New Yorkers down.  I want to look at the incredible things that I do have and feel blessed and grateful, just as I should.  To make a very long story short, there was no way this could happen while living in New York.  At least not now.

Five years down the road, I could look back and view this as the biggest mistake of my life… but at least I tried.  And at least then, if I end up back in New York, I can say with confidence that it really is the greatest city in the world.

April 11, 2013

sunny days

Spring summer temperatures have officially arrived in Charleston and I am loving every minute of it.  After unpacking box after box and garbage bag after garbage bag of  endless clothes, I have decided to cut myself off from shopping altogether.  Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t window shop when there’s a not-to-be-missed promotion honoring these beautiful sunny days at J.Crew!

sunny days

April 9, 2013

LOFT Spring

LOFT is another brand that is stepping it up this spring… their spring collection is full of fun colors & styles and they’re giving J.Crew a run for their money in the chino short department.